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Tonkawa Falls's Images

Texas, USA
Description: Dann Abbe bought this area in January of 2001, and he is turning it into an RV park and will have tent camping on the other side of the creek across from the pavilion. Dann is okay with people climbing as long as a waiver is signed the first time out, which will be kept on file. You will receive a personal card that you will show Mr. Abbe when you check in. You must CHECK IN WITH HIM EVERY TIME YOU ARE OUT THERE so he knows people are climbing, and he will charge a few dollars. To check in, his RV / home will be in spot #1 so knock on the door and ask for him. The hours of the park are from 6am to 10pm, and it is open every day of the year. If you need any other info contact Steve Leitch or Matt Dendy.   History: The climbing here was discovered by Steve Leitch and Ran Miller from Austin in the summer of 2000 on a road trip back from Meridian and what a discovery it was. Many years ago the Tonkawa people lived here and that's of course how the place got it's name. It has been opened and closed for a few years as a public park and now just recently bought by Dann. Please have respect for the land not only because it's sacred, but because it's a privilege to climb here and we don't want to get it taken away.
Camping: As far as the camping goes here, Dan will have the areas open on the other side of the creek across from the pavilion so check with him to see if it's allright and what he charges per night. Also if you would like to camp elsewhere Meridian State Park is only 23 miles and it has great facilities and pretty good climbing as well.