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White Haven boulders's Images

Pennsylvania, USA
Description: countless boulders spread throughout an open, wooded area in the center of White Haven. Variety of boulders and problems, from 7 to 18 feet tall...slab, vertical, overhang...completely UNTOUCHED bouldering area...   History: it is quite likely that NOBODY ever climbed here before. the rock is nice...decent friction once you get past the lichen and moss buildup...takes minimal cleaning to get on it. every time i go out, i explore and find another problem or two. Nothing stellar or sick-hard, but it's good for an afternoon of pulling down. i'm sure that over the spring and summer of 03 that some sweet new lines will present themselves... access isn't really a problem right now - the land is huge and undeveloped...someone is clearing out some enormous trees for lumber work, but i can't find out who. i'll be researching ownership soon to find out about getting the area approved for climbing/trailbuilding/etc. I've never seen another living soul out there when i climb.
Camping: None. It's just a wooded area with big rocks. I suppose you could sleep in the parking lot of the strip club, right across the street...