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Tubbs Hill's Images

Idaho, USA
Description: Granite/gneiss outcroppings and bolders spread around Tubbs Hill; a natural, public park in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Some of the best problems are on perfect, waterworn granite only exposed during the low water season in winter. Current boldering ranges from V-easy to V-hard. Most problems are fun and moderate, clocking in at V2 - V5. There is undeveloped potential waiting for those with an eye for good lines and patience for lichen scrubbing. Some of the stone is chossy, but most is clean, hard, and excellent quality.   History: Boldering has occured for years on Tubbs Hill, but has mainly been limited to two of the most obvious trailside/beach outcroppings. A lot of good stone was unclimbed until year 2000 or so when a handful of locals went on a cleaning and boldering spree, opening up many classic lines. There are certainly others who have established some problems in places other than the two popular bolders, but it has been sporadic and limited at best.
Camping: Coeur d'Alene is a tourism/resort community of 35,000 people. There are multiple hotel/motel options, or try and hook up with a local for more info or maybe a place to crash. As far as eats and entertainment goes, the Sherman Ave area, in the heart of old downtown, is a good place to start. For comfortable, laid-back coffee and simple eats, hit up Java on Sherman. If you need internet access, the Big Dad E Cafe is your best bet. Try Moontime for excellent and inexpensive gourmet food and brews/wine. They also have live music and $1.00 pints on Thursday nights. Good greasy burgers and pie can be found at Hudsons. The Parkside is a great tavern at the public park/beach. Excellent sushi can be found at Takara; and there is a good Greek place next door. On the more spendy side of eating is Tanglewood, the Wine Cellar, and Jimmy D's. Also downtown and worth checking out is the Coeur d'Alene brewpub, the Iron Horse, and the Coeur d'Alene resort.