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bank's lake's Images

Washington, USA
Description: Vast expanses of desert granite ranging from clean/bullet-proof to grainy/dirty. bolders and outcroppings vary between slabby and steep and all other angles. existing problems range up to V12 or so. northrop canyon has a good concentration of stellar problems. there is stuff by the golf course, apparently. steamboat rock state park has a few established problems with lots of potential, as long as you don't mind a bit of scrubbing to uncover some potential lines. watch out for rampant rattlesnakes in the late spring/summer. fall/spring/winter are good times to visit for the best friction and cooler temps.   History: trad, ice, and sport has been climbed here for some time. most of the boldering, especially the harder stuff, appears to have been established in recent years by spokane climbers.
Camping: steamboat rock state park is the obvious pay choice, with bolders right behind the campground/boat launch. there are other public and private campgrounds in the area.