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Big Stone NWR's Images

Minnesota, USA
Description: A collection of granite domes, outcrops and boulders in the Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge near Ortonville, MN. The stone is excellent, but the areas are scattered. Best in the spring and fall, and some boulders are only accessible when the water is iced over in the winter. A fun place for a weekend trip if you live in MN.   History: Someone painted small white arrows on the problems at the lowball wall and the quarry wall on the Auto Tour loop. They look like gill arrows (but were not painted by Gill) and are probably over 20 years old, judging by the weathering some of them have undergone. An old piton was also found on top of the quarry wall dome. The area was rediscovered by Dave Brandt and the Prairie Walls crew in 2001. A guide can be found at
Camping: Camping at the foot of Big Stone Lake in Ortonville (10$ per night during the summer, or free in the off season.) or at the state park along the eastern shore of the lake several miles north of town.