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Post Falls (Q'emlin Park)'s Images

Idaho, USA
Description: Mainly a sport climbing area (5.easy - 5.13), Q'emlin is home to a number of tasty granite boulders. There is a lot of potential, especially for those willing to bushwhack the many side canyons and hillsides. Most established problems are moderates or easy, clocking in between V0 and V5 or so. Potential exists for some really hard problems on a handful of near horizontal roofs.   History: Roped climbing has gone on here for decades. Surely, this means some boulders were conquered long ago. In recent years, exploration and scrubbing has revealed new problems. Q'emlin Park is par for the course as far as bouldering in north idaho is concerned - unless it is really obvious, visible from the trail, and chalked-up, most people don't bother. Plently of FA's and adventure await those with a wire brush and a sense of exploration.
Camping: No camping in the park. Find a local to crash with or visit one of many local hotels/motels/bed and breakfasts. There are campgrounds in nearby USFS lands.