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South Mountain's Images

Arizona, USA
Description: Semi-urban bouldering on the south end of Phoenix. So much rock and potential even beyond what's been developed. Excellent bouldering and setting. To get there, hit the I-10 south to baseline and go west to s. pointe parkway at the resort. head south/left and drive a bit (maybe a mile) until you hit guadalupe. take a right and you'll see the turn on the left for south mountain park (going right takes you to a private gated street). park at the end of the road. Hike about 20 minutes up the pima canyon trail (main trail/road). at the stone shelter, head west up the canyon towards the rocks. don't follow the larger, more popular trail going north. you'll hit the first main wall in 10-15 minutes or less. the further you go, the more rock you'll come across.   History: someone else will have to comment on the history. i don't know what the story is.
Camping: no overnight camping. you're in phoenix, a metro area of 3+ million, so find a cheap hotel or a local to hook you up.