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Sassofortino, Italy's Images

Tuscany, Italy
Description: Chestnut wood in Tuscany, topped with the ruins of a medieval castle. The hill is full of ryollite boulders, from lowballs to dangerous hiballs, slabs and overhangs. Mostly rounded holds, bullet rock, and problems ranging from fb3 to fb8a. Its an all seasons area, depending on how hard you want to crank, but obviously the friction is best in cold winter days.   History: Discovered in 2001, its still being developed, due to the poor number of cleaners/brushers down here. Right now a guide is under preparaation, listing around 250 problems.
Camping: The area is on private land, so youd better not camp near the boulders, to avoid the guy with the rifle that we met once. Very cheap hotels and restaurants in the village of Sassofortino.