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Whitney Portals's Images

Description: E. Side Sierras. Sports the lower 48's tallest peak (14,496', Mt. Whitney) + a few other 14-ers.   History: located W. of Lone Pine, Ca. starting like 10 years ago, all the 'BAD BEARS' in Yosemite started getting shipped to this area. so now there's a "bear problem". you gotta love the Natl' Forest Service. 2nd best patch (behind JTree's). you need a permit to hike the Whitney trail (~22 miles roundtrip). permits are limited. backpackping (overnite) permits are in addition to the hiking permits. LOTS OF ROCK. tons of rock climbing. basically untapped, though there is a lot of "established" routes (think 'minimum protection'). there are a bunch of boulders in the camp area and elsewhere. very untapped. great summer spot.. unlimited shade and cool temps (~8,000 feet).
Camping: yes. it's pay camping only. reservation only (you can try to get lucky, but i wouldn't try). limited cites. bear boxes in the sites. crowded / LA style camping. clean water there. toilets. fires in pits. there is a restraunt there (~burger joint). you can buy beer, etc.. at the store and drink it on the restraunt patio.