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Dover Island's Images

Nova Scotia, Canada
Description: Is a short boat ride off the coast of NS near the town of West Dover. One half of the island is covered in rock shells and granite boulders that have tumbled towards the ocean.....which is only afew feet away at times. The granite is perfect, clean, sharp and free of all plant growth, no shrubs, no moss, no lycan, no nothing...just a ton of granite and some amazing bouldering. There are literally hundreds of bouldering problems within a 1km length of granite. More problems are going down everyday. V0 - V12 with some amazing features. Dover Island is featured in the Banff Film Festival World Tour film... "Eastern Tide: One Season of Climbing in Nova Scotia" and multiple bouldering guides by local authors.   History: Dover island is a beautiful place of the coast of Nova Scotia. It has been used by the locals as a vacation spot and walking area. It wasalso the site of a local wedding. The island is covered in a large variety of plant life including what is estimated to be up to 50 endangers or protected species. Tread Lightly and follow teh beaten path.
Camping: A camping spot has been kind of designated near the drop off point under shelter of a small cliff and a gully. Since the island is covered in endangered or protected species we try to encourage you to camp in teh designated area and keep to the path as much as possible to avoid trampling our endangered friends.