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Portrane, Dublin, Ireland's Images

none, Ireland
Description: Smooth(ish) limestone with approx 50-70 problems and scope for more. The bouldering in Portrane is steep - on mini-cliffs and narrow alleys, with powerful moves between relatively low-friction, sea-polished slopers and edges. If you go two hours before low tide most of the tidal problems have been out of the water for a few hours. Although there is still lots of scope even at high tide. A cloth is very handy to clean sand off your shoes. And a brush for those greasy slopers. Topping out not advised. Head north from Dublin on the airport road (N1) or motorway (M1). Approx 5 km after the airport and Swords, is a turning for Donabate and Portrane. Carry straight through Donabate, then through Portrane village, past the caravan park into a car park. The Arch is to your left and Ground Zero is to your right. 30 mins or so drive from Dublin city. Approx 2 mins walk from car-park to bouldering for more info (inc an online guide).   History: Relatively new boulderinig venue, which has only been developed in last three years or so. No access issues, although common sense rules that would apply at any venue obviously also apply here. A pad is (as always) useful, but with sandy beach sylee landings the norm, you could easily dispense with if you wanted. Usually very quiet. Doesn't see too much traffic
Camping: Not really an issue, as this area is quite close to Dublin city. Although a car is almost a prerequisite, as public transport is somewhat fickle (albeit still useable) to this area.