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Flat Creek's Images

Texas, USA
Description: tributary to the pedernales. god's own stone. better than france.   History: in 1994 i was climbing the flintstoes at the new wall on the austin greenbelt. jeff jackson offered to clean it so he could put up a top rope for a client. i agreed and lowered, and he thusly cleaned the route by soloing it in his running shoes. my friend asked him if he knew where and good bouldering and/or camping would be in the area. he drew my friend a map to flat creek on the tag of his sleeping bag, and told us we could probably just camp in the creek. we stayed in that creek for a full week with tents set up and boom boxes blaring. several years later they would build a dam flooding the part of flat creek we climbed on. land owners started kicking climbers out until climbers (including jeff) would buy up land around the creek gaining limited access to the creek and some of the walls. sport climbing would run rampant, but it is still a far better bouldering area in times of drought.
Camping: none.