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Peak District's Images

Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Description: Near the exact geometric centre to the British Isles and situated along the Pennine hills. Both gritstone (millstone grit) and limestone outcrops and gritstone boulderfields are present: with gritstone accounting for the greater volume of boulder problems.   History: The Peak district probably boasts the largest clique of boulderers in Britain and spawned well known climbers such as Ron Fawcett, Jerry Moffat, Ben Moon and many more. Powerful thugging and fierce crimping features heavily in the limestone (cliffband) boulder problems that were largely developed in the 80's and 90's by a collective of welfare state-funded full time climbers of that era. This coincided with the vogue at the time for increasingly powerful short bolted sports routes. Similarly, many fine offerings of technically demanding gritstone bouldering were also developed during this period, although the recorded history of clambering around on outcrops of gritstone in the peak district dates back to the late 1800's.
Camping: There is a camp site adjacent to Stanage Edge on the Lees estate although many visiting climbers prefer the option of hiring a bunkhouse for a similar price (which secures you a dry roof and a warm bed). Bunkhouses and converted barns are available to book via the internet. Links will be added following research.