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Zahnd's Images

Georgia, USA
Description: Small area near Rock Town with similiar stone. From wildlly overhanging mushroom boulders to stupid tall water grooves and faces. 150 to 200 plus problems with probably 30 plus don"t miss Classics. Also several unfinished Classic v-hard? projects.   History: Explored in the late 80's early 90's by "Bob" looking for water grooves and aretes. Then as far as I know went untouched until winter 99'-00' when on a tip from Ranger: Sean Kerney, Brian Holbrook, John Guin, and Kenneth McGinnis (me) went scouting. Like kids in a candy store we all gobbled up the obvious classic lines that winter. Over the next two seasons Brian and I kept looking, finding, and climbing everything we could get our hands. It was the greatest time being alone in your very own boulder field for two years but now its fun giving tours too. Have fun and tred lightly, please!
Camping: Closest camping is Rock town (8 miles away): Closest food is a small general store to the south and La feyette to the east-north east.